“Ms. Jen has helped me so much!! I started seeing her when I was two years old and I didn’t know how to talk. She taught me how to talk, but then when I was in kindergarten I had trouble reading and writing and she started helping me again. Once in first grade I got a little annoyed with her because she kept on making me work harder than I wanted to and said it was to get me ahead.  That night she got an email from my teacher that said I was doing very well and that I was getting ahead! I was so happy! I used to not be able to say my R’s and it sounded really cute, but when you are 6 and you can’t say your R’s it gets worrying. Now I have the best pronunciation in my whole class!! I’m in the fourth grade now and do not need any help with my speech or reading so instead Ms. Jen tutors me in Math. Ms. Jen and I still have such a great bond!”
–Sarah (10 years old)

“Jen is amazing! We have known and worked with her on and off for about 7 years. She has been a tremendous support in helping our son. She is knowledgeable, patient, positive and caring. Our son loves her which motivates him to learn from her. His vocabulary, reading comprehension skills and writing skills are improving so much thanks to her techniques.”
–Maria Thomas

“Today, May 22, 2013, my son, Johnny, graduated from elementary school. Johnny has Down syndrome and has a hard time talking. I could attach a fancy label to his issue, but suffice it to say that sounds came slowly for Johnny, whole words came slower than sounds, and 2 or more word sentences came even slower. On top of all of that, the “what” of what Johnny is talking about does not always make sense (we might be talking about the weather, and he is off trying to tell you about Harry Potter). The picture I am trying to paint here is that Johnny is not what you would call an “easy” case for a Speech Language Pathologist. But, today at graduation, Johnny got up when it was his turn, walked over to a microphone in front of 100 classmates and 250 or so guests, and spoke his favorite memory from his years in elementary school — and everyone understood him. You want to see a mother cry? Watch her when she hears her 5-year-old son clearly say “love you” for the first time, or watch her when that son gets up at graduation and clearly speaks to a large crowd. Those moments do not come easy with a child like Johnny, and moms do not make those moments happen without some serious help. Johnny and I had Ms. Jen. Ms. Jen is as knowledgeable as any SLP out there, and has the ability to get a student to work hard, stay focused, and look forward to seeing her at every visit. Ms. Jen also taught me and Johnny’s brother and sister how to help Johnny communicate when she was not around. It has been a few years since we have seen Ms. Jen in a therapy setting, but I still use all of the cues she taught me when I need to help Johnny articulate a sound or word correctly. Sitting in the audience at graduation today listening to Johnny, I quietly said “thank you” to Ms. Jen for making that moment possible. Now, if she could just teach him to be a better singer.”
–Anna Patton

“Our son absolutely loves working with Jennifer!  He made tremendous strides in his speech in a short amount of time. Jennifer is professional, engaging and loving. Her strategies and positive approach have made a world of difference. When our son first started working with Jennifer his teachers and fellow students had a hard time understanding him. Now he speaks clearly and concisely. We love and highly recommend Jennifer!!”
— Kerri and Alan Smith

“We could not be more pleased with Jennifer’s handling of our young daughter Caroline’s speech challenges. Jennifer is extremely patient in working with Caroline and she consistently comes up with creative and effective methods of therapy. Caroline thinks that Jennifer comes to play games with her and looks forward to each and every session. Jennifer has also given us the tools to work with Caroline at home and to reinforce what she is learning. As Caroline’s speech has improved, we have watched her confidence and school performance dramatically improve, and cannot possibly thank Jennifer enough for what she has done for our family!
–Ann Mingledorff

“Jennifer is a truly excellent speech therapist, and a wonderful person!  She has been working with my son for years and has such a special connection with him. With her help he has made amazing progress.”
–Amy Holbrook

“When my almost 2 year old was not using words, she had an evaluation at The Atlanta Speech School. We chose “Miss Jen” and could not have been happier.  She not only taught our daughter to speak fluently and confidently, she also instilled a terrific work ethic to “do good work.” Many children lose part of the progress they have made during the school year over the summer, but Miss Jen always adjusts her schedule to work around summer activities and continue year round progress. After the last day of school or in the middle if the school year, my daughter is always delighted to work with Miss Jen. Hearing my daughter give commands to her older sisters and recognizing the power of her speech was truly amazing. Jen Reingold has taught in a variety of school and home settings. She has a magic affinity for children and brings out their best. I am so glad we picked her name off the list at the Speech School.”
–Lillian Schapiro, MD, FACOG

“Working with Jennifer during the first four years of Cooper’s life had a profound affect, not only on Cooper’s language and oral motor skills, but also on our confidence as parents.  Jennifer was invested in not only treating Cooper, but also in helping us understand how we could be a part of his development in a way that was fun and engaging. Jennifer doesn’t just love what she does, she loves children, and it makes a difference.”
–Lisa Lilienthal, proud parents of Cooper

“Jennifer worked with our son, Drew, for 2 years. In that time she took him from strangers understanding about 50 percent of everything he said to 100 percent comprehension. He looked forward to every Wednesday when she would come to the house. She made every session fun and her enthusiasm and creativity made speech therapy seem like a play date instead of monotonously repeating words. Drew was actually sad his speech therapy was over because he said he would ‘miss Ms. Jennifer so much.’”
–Mimi Thompson

“Jennifer Reingold has made all of the difference in our child’s development. Not only is he able to say the words he couldn’t get out before, he understands them now as well. She truly loves our child and cares about his success and happiness. She’s a great advocate for his wellbeing and a comfort to us as parents.”
— Laurie and Brett

“Reingold Speech Therapy Services has been a tremendous help to our two girls.  Jennifer Reingold has been providing tutoring and therapy services to our 11 and 9 year old for the past two years.  Not only has she made a positive impact on their test scores, she has done remedial work to help them catch up to their grade level due to their moderate learning difference.  They truly love when she comes and always finish their session with a positive and cheerful outlook on studying and school. We love Jennifer!”
–Holly and Colby

“Jennifer first evaluated our son shortly after his 4th birthday.  He had such a severe phonological processing disorder, that those outside his immediate family could not understand most of what he said.  And Vin had a lot to say!  He was a “talker” but his intelligibility was so poor, that he was becoming frustrated and discouraged, and so were we as his family. It’s hard when you know your child is trying his absolute hardest to say something to you, and you are trying your very best to understand, but just can’t. In Jennifer’s year and a half of working with our son, we’ve seen a dramatic difference in his speech. Jennifer cares so much for each individual child and caters her approach to fit their exact needs.  Plus, she makes each session different and fun. Through weekly sessions and homework Jennifer provided us, Vin’s intelligibility is so clear now, that even strangers understand him. Vin said to us not long ago that he is happy people understand him now. That’s one of the best things a child that has been in speech therapy can say to you as a parent. We are amazed at how far Vin’s speech has come, and we attribute much of his success to his time working with Jennifer. We are so grateful for her.”
–Kristi & Vinnie Schofield

“Jennifer has been fundamental to our son’s language exploding. We came from Costa Rica with him understanding English but not being able to express it. Through very engaging games and activities, Jennifer was able to make the learning process fun for our son. For every pronunciation challenge that he had, she came up with a trick that made it easy for him to overcome it. She is patient, dedicated, and so loving. We have loved having her as our son’s therapist.”
–The Rachelsons

“Our son absolutely loves working with Jennifer! He made tremendous strides in his speech in a short amount of time. Jennifer is professional, engaging and loving. Her strategies and positive approach have made a world of difference. When our son first started working with Jennifer his teachers and fellow students had a hard time understanding him. Now he speaks clearly and concisely. We love and highly recommend Jennifer!!”
— Kerri and Alan Smith